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As one of the top roofing, siding, window contractors in Kansas City, we’re constantly hearing questions. Our goal at EEC Windows, Siding & Roofing is to educate homeowners throughout the Kansas City area on everything there is to know about roofing, siding, and windows. These are some of the most common questions we hear.

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Siding FAQ'S

Q. What is siding?
A. Siding is the outer most covering on the exterior of a building’s vertical surfaces. This siding may be a structural component and finished surface or a material added as an overlay to enhance performance and improve appearance.

Q. What types of siding are there?
A. Here are a few of the common siding types. Wood, wood fiber, vinyl, stucco, cement, and steel. Each of these products have advantages and disadvantages.

Q. What is vinyl siding?
Vinyl siding is a plastic exterior wrap that replicates clapboard, cedar shake and other types of wood siding. Its purpose is both decorative and practical—weatherproofing houses, apartments and some commercial buildings. Vinyl siding is extremely durable and more cost effective than most siding products.

Q. Does vinyl siding require any maintenance?
A. Vinyl siding is designed to be a low maintenance siding option, but periodic washing is suggested to it looking its best.

Q. How much does vinyl siding cost?
It depends on the style and the quality, as well as the materials you have placed underneath. Specialty styles like cedar shake and scalloped siding will cost more than your typical straight or Dutch lap siding.

Q. Is vinyl siding durable?
A. Quality vinyl siding has a very long service life. Due to new innovations in production some vinyl siding products come with a life of the home warranty.

Q. Can vinyl siding be damaged by hail?
A. While no siding product is “Hail Proof” insulated laminated vinyl siding is impact resistant.

Q. Can you paint vinyl siding?
A. While there are paint manufactures that make vinyl compatible paints you should check the manufacture regarding painting.

Q. Do you have to remove the existing siding before you put on new siding?
A. It depends on the type of siding that is currently on the house.

Q. Does all vinyl siding have seams?
A. While most horizontal vinyl siding will have seams there are options which can eliminate visible seams. 

Q. Will putting vinyl siding make my house more energy efficient?
A. Insulated vinyl siding can increase the R-value of your home by 1.0 to 4.0. 

Q. Why does dust come off my vinyl siding when I brush my hand over it?
A. What you’re experiencing is called “chalking” which occurs due to a break down in the structure of your siding. Premium quality vinyl siding has UV inhibitors to help prevent this from

Q. What is the facia on my house?
A. The facia is the board that is directly below the edge of your roof. This board is an area of your house that may be prone to rot and peeling paint. 


Window FAQ'S

Q. How Do I Know If I Need Replacement Windows?
A.  When you have a minor problem, window unit is still structurally sound but your wood window frame’s paint has started to flake it is often less expensive to repair rather than replace an existing window. Of course you should consider the efficiency of the window whendeciding when to repair or replace. If that wood window with the flaking paint is a single pane, non-insulated window, that might be the time to consider investing in a double or triple insulated window rather than spend any time or money fixing what will continue to cost you money in nergy losses. When assessing window damage it’s important to understand the principles of
the window itself. For example, a double-pane window with insulating gas between the panes will lose its power to control the heat and moisture transfer if you was to simply replace only one pane of broken glass. A hole or crack allows that gas to escape and energy efficiency performance goes down significantly. You’re better off replacing the entire insulated glass panel or sash than just trying a single pane glass repair, another thing to consider is often a total window replacement often can be more affordable than ordering and installing one custom piece of glass.

Q. Which Replacement Window Style is Best for the Budget Conscious?
A.  Many people may not know that it is possible to stage a home renovation where you install a few windows at a time until you have gradually replaced all existing windows and patio doors. This is a great option for people who are ready to get started, but don’t have the cash on hand to do the whole house at one time. Buying cheap, poorly built windows may cost you more in the long-term. EEC Windows, Siding & Roofing prides itself it only working with top replacement window manufacturers to insure your windows are built to work at peak performance for as long as you live in your home, so our customers get a higher value for the investment. The prices of our windows is fairly consistent across all styles of the same size. Price variances come from the accessories you choose and optional features such as Triple pane, and handles and latches with exclusive finishes.

Q. When is the Best Season to Install Replacement Windows?
A.  With our signature service, you can install replacement windows in the Kansas and Missouri any time it is most convenient for you. After decades of installing high-efficiency replacement windows in the area, we have fine-tuned the process to where it typically only takes one or two days to complete the job. We’ve developed a comprehensive system to minimize your home’s exposure to outside temperatures and weather so we can install windows in every season and nearly any weather conditions. Late winter and early spring are great times to start a replacement windows project because the factory is not usually as busy during these months. But, seriously, winter, spring, summer or fall are all great times to update your home.


Roofing FAQ'S

Q. What kind of material warranties are available?
A. Material warranties are usually issued by the manufacturers for periods of ten (10) to fifty (50) years.

Q. Can we put the roof on during the winter?
A. We can install a roof year ‘round, with only minor adjustments due to severe weather conditions.

Q. What do you do with the old roofing debris?
A. All debris is taken to the landfill and disposed of properly.

Q. What type of roofing system should I use?
A. We will inspect your home to determine the best methods, materials, warranties, and prices for your individual building.

Q. Do you keep the property clean?
A. Cleanliness is very important. Yes, we clean our work area and the surrounding yard area at the conclusion of every workday.

Q. Do you charge for inspections and estimates?
A. No, we provide free inspections and written estimates free of charge.

Q. Do light colored shingles last longer than darker shingles?
A. Dark shingles should last as long as lighter shingles given that they are installed on a house that has a properly vented attic. Proper attic ventilation is the key component to a longer lasting roof.

Q. What is a ridge?
A. The ridge is the top of your roof, which runs level to the ground (does not have slope). The ridge is usually covered with ridge caps (short shingles laid in a straight line).

Q. What are the differences between shingle types?
A. Basic shingle types are:

Dimensional / Architectural Shingle (30-50 year)
Has a double layer minimum coverage
Higher quality shingle composed of two layers of material per shingle
3-tab shingle – least expensive shingle on the market (20 year)
Has a single layer minimum coverage
Good for customers primarily concerned with price

Q. What is a valley?
A. A valley is created when two main roof decks intersect each other. The resulting junction resembles a valley.

Q: How much will my new roof cost?
A: The cost of your roof will depend on Size, Shape, Slope and the number of existing roof layers.

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